Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5-2-2012 Southern MN Chase

The evening started out with rapid storm development to the west of Mankato in southern Minnesota with several reports of large hail and strong winds as the storms slowly tracked east toward the I-35 corridor.  Amanda and I had just returned home from work for the day and quickly moved to head down I-35 south to intercept the eastward moving cells near Medford. 

As we finally got ahead of the main cell just west of Medford MN it had a very nice inflow feeder band rapidly streaming up into it with a well pronounced Shelf Cloud also evident on the leading edge.

The storm rapidly was moving east toward our position but did not display to significant damaging winds on radar. 

Here the leading edge of the gust front finally overtook us with measured wind speeds on the now all outflow dominate storm of 42MPH. 

The burst of strong gusty winds scared up a flock of songbirds from the nearby tree grove just as other chasers raced by to the east.

This was a fun little mini chase and nice back to back follow up to the previous days highly successful chase with the Brooten tornado in Pope county MN

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