Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June 16, 2013: Eastern South Dakota Shelf Cloud

We went just over the border from Western Minnesota to the west of Sisseston, SD. Here the initial storm approached us from the west. We got on the storm just shortly after the initiated just East of Groton, South Dakota and stayed with them until the cell pulsed up to is peak, near Roslyn, SD. There is where we recorded a wind gust of 4 MPH. We also saw lots of scattered tree damage between Day County and the Minnesota border.

Here is a shot of me taking photos of the storm (Nick took the picture).

It was a beautiful landscape to see the shelf come on over the small pond to our west.

Here is a few pictures of the shelf cloud passing overhead near Roslyn, SD. Almost a year to the day we were chasing in the same general area on another great storm.

This storm produced 60 MPH + winds which prompted warnings and up to quarter size hail. We encountered a tree branch thrown east onto the road that was due to the storm. 

The storm went all the way to the East to the Twin Cities. In the Cities you could see rainbows.

It was a great chase on Father's Day!

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