Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Skywarn Training!

Are you interested in severe weather? 

Would you like to know what different features are there in a storm?

Have you ever wanted to know how to report severe weather in the area; instead of just telling others you know? 

Do you know what the different between a wall cloud and a shelf cloud is?

Curious enough to find out?   Where can you learn all this??

At a Skywarn class!!

Each Spring Skywarn classes are taught in the MN Counties - and a few more local ones in the Twin Cities metro area.

In a skywarn class you can expect to learn how to identify features and characteristics of a severe storm.

You learn what to report; how to report; why you report and where to report your severe weather to!

You're probably wondering: why are reports so important??? Because without you on the ground in that location at that time; the weather forecasters can only see what the radar is showing. Some times the radar can only tell you so much so the truth in the field reports are very valuable.

They give you better warning times. They give you better direction of what the storm is moving. And it helps the National Weather Service forecasters fine tune the warnings for your area.

So where can I find a class......

National Weather Service volunteers and other local certified and trained volunteers have Skywarn classes in the state; even local in the Twin Cities metro.

To find one near you go to this webpage:

If you live in the Twin Cities metro; go to the Metro Skywarn page to find a local class near you:

And also - Nick and I teach a few classes each year and would be willing to teach a class if your group is wanting one. Check out our webpage at:    if you are interested in attending a class we teach or to request us to teach a class.

Severe Weather Awareness Week is coming up in April - and Spring has finally sprung - so why not think ahead and be more prepared. Check into attending a class!

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