Tuesday, September 16, 2014

9-12-14: Night Photography

September 12 they were claiming that the northern lights were going to be spectacular.

Since we were planning on being in western MN the whole weekend; we said - why not give it a shot!

On our way out to the farm, we got to see a spectacular sunset setting on the town of Chokio, MN

The colors were amazing that night. I'm glad I was able to capture this shot.

We contacted a good friend of ours in the area - Rob Rakow - to see if he was up for shooting some stars and auroras with us that night.

We met a bit after 9pm. The stars were amazing. The clouds moved out just in time.... and the milky way shown brightly before the moon rose.

We met at the "old Stone Barn" on the border of Stevens and Big Stone County.

Here I took at couple of star shots.. and I thought these turned out the best.

The milky way over the old stone barn.. with fain auroras shown.

The old stone barn with the Big Dipper. You can faintly see the green glow of the auroras. The moon was so bright it lit up the stone barn for us.

The moon was just coming off a full moon, so once it rose, it killed having the stars so bright.

The rising moon.

It was fun to hang out with Rob. Doug Kiesling also joined us for some awesome shots of the old stone barn using his came producing IR images. Check out his facebook page for some awesome shots!

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