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June 21, 2015: Bismarck North Dakota

We drove out to Bismarck from the farm that morning. We knew that later in the day we would see severe storms.

We stopped to eat lunch around 2pm in Bismarck, and then proceeded west to the Gladstone Exit.

We stopped at the first of the enchanted highway sculptures - Geese in Flight; to watch on radar and in the distant a storm that was slowly coming our way.

The infamous Geese in Flight right off Interstate 94 at the Gladstone Exit.

Geese In Flight.

Geese metal sculptures line the drive up to the Geese in Flight 

What was left of the storm from the west approaching the geese in flight sculpture area off interstate 94 at the gladstone exit.

We then proceeded to head south on the enchanted highway towards Regent. We saw some other cells coming from Montana off in the distance that were heading east that we thought we could get on down towards south of Regent.

The grasshopper sculpture with the stormy skies behind it.

Pheasant family alongside the road.

When we got to Regent - we headed west on County Road 21. Here we saw the approaching storm from the west. It didn't look great visually.

Looking west on County Road 21.

We then headed east along this road towards Mott, Elgin, up to where it turned north and turned into County Road 6. A mean cell was racing along the interstate towards Bismarck - and we wanted to be on the southern edge of it.

As we sat along County Road 6 - we let it overcome us. Here is what it looked like when it approached from the west.

The leading razor edge that happened on this storm as this beast was bearing down on Bismarck, North Dakota.

Damaging straight line winds of 70 MPH and wind driven golf ball sized hail was with this storm.

Here is the shot that was south and west of Mandan, North Dakota. This was likely the beginning of a long lasting Multi-state MCS that happened downstream into South Dakota and Minnesota to Wisconsin on Monday.

We let the storm overcome us - and after it passed we were treated to some amazing sights.



And an amazing sunset!!!

One of my favorite shots was the blue sky next to the back edge of the cell and a rainbow on the edge.

Sunset after the storm

Never will stop having that love affair with the Dakota Skies. 

This back edge cell was complete with the magic moment of lighting, a glowing well cultivated mammatus field and a full double rainbow as the sun set on the 2015 Summer Solstice.

This was near St. Anthony, North Dakota.

Sunset looking north along the road.

Double rainbow shot to end the day!

You can also view our video footage form the day from the following link:

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