Monday, February 11, 2013

An afternoon at Swan Park: February 9, 2013

Nick and I decided to head up to the Monticello area Saturday afternoon (2-9-13) to check out the swans at the Swan Park. We figured they would be moving / flying around more due to the warmer weather and the "feed up before the big storm" that was coming on Sunday.

We were not disappointed. We had plenty of flying action that afternoon.

Below are a few shots from the day.

 A pair of geese flying down the river that afternoon

Swan gracefully flying by over the river.
 A pair of Swans landing after feeding from the fields.

 This time of year the swans start to get territorial, and we happened to catch this shot just at the right time.

 Just stretching the wings.....

 The noise during this time was amazing to hear - they can be very vocal.

 Coming in for a landing!

 Amazingly - we caught a double heart!