Wednesday, May 20, 2015

May 10th, 2015: South Dakota Mother's Day Chase

Nick and I officially kicked off the storm chase season by setting up shop Saturday night in Sioux Falls, SD. We didn't want to venture in Southern Kansas with not the possibility of getting back up to NE Nebraska/Southern SD in time for Sunday.

Instead we went and visited Blue Mounds State Park; where we hiked a few trails and saw numerous of birds along the way.

For Sunday we targeted Southern SD and watched the cells fire in Nebraska and head south towards the border.

It was a day where things just didn't quite end of right. We were able to get on cells that were not warned on; and missed the tornado that touched down in the town of Delmont, SD in the morning; as well as the one on the SD/IA border that a few others captured.

It was a fun chase day however; and we were able to fully test out the equipment in full chase mode.

Below are some pictures from the day.

Shot looking to the west of the low topped cells of the day in the afternoon.

Low topped convection trying again to do something; with the warm front earlier that afternoon. It was struggling significantly near the town of Parker, SD.

the closest this cell came to try to produce anything; but just couldn't. The cell was moving North and was headed toward I-90 near Mitchell, SD.