Thursday, July 28, 2016

May 22-23, 2016: Nebraska and MN

Sunday May 22

After the big Leoti Supercell/Tornado day we set up for the next day's target. Northern KS border and NE. 

We had dinner in North Platte, NE and was watching the radar develop a cell.

All of a sudden it popped, grew and became a storm. We got on ti from birth and followed it north on a tar road that turned into a sandy gravel road in where we had to let it go. Uncertainty of getting off the sandy gravel road with the car seemed nill so we went back the way we knew that would bring us back to tar.

But the sights, sounds and scenery we saw was amazing. 

We did manage to get this nice picture.

Monday May 23

Monday morning we traveled from North Platte, NE to Des Moines Iowa. We stopped to have lunch at our favorite BBQ joint there.

We saw that some storms were popping up - so we decided to follow them before heading north back for home.

We got to see some nice CG's and tried out the go pro for once.

The above picture is the storm we saw in Iowa prior to heading North towards home.

It was a fun, memory filled weekend!