Wednesday, June 5, 2013

June 4, 2013: SD / ND Border Chase

Nick and I took off the afternoon to head to the SD and ND border to see if any possible cold core tornadoes could form. A nice clearing of the clouds was happening, there was a low off to our Northwest, an occulated front in the area - it had all the makings of an April 21, 2012 event.

We set up our Target south of New Effington, SD. We saw small topped T-CU starting to happen. The winds are right, but there wasn't enough of the daytime heating to get anything to go.

Below is a shot of some storms trying to go, but ended up only being some rain showers in the end, at least for western MN and Northeastern South Dakota.

It was a great day to finally see the sun and have an afternoon off.

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