Wednesday, September 24, 2014

September 20, 2014: Sargent County, North Dakota Severe Storm

We started out the day in Whapeton, North Dakota at the park where we  enjoyed fall colors and fed the geese and ducks.

 You can tell its fall when the leaves change colors and the geese are returning.

Looking down the river bank.

We knew this wasn't a day of waiting for a storm cloud to pop and intensify;; but a system that would grow stronger into an area that wasn't stable.

We went towards Lingerwood where we went west to try and get south of the storm that was coming into the area. We stopped just north of Havana where FGF put out a tornado warning for possible rotation on the back end charlie of the storm.

Here we took video and many pictures as the storm approached us.

Here Nick is taking video of the approaching storm.

The storm is approaching a bit closer to us now.

This show it looking west into the back end of the cell where the tornado warning was issued for.

Shot of the radar screen shortly after capturing the above photo.

We then proceeded a bit further south to stay out of the rain and hail. Here we were more closer to Havana and the state line.

A look at the upcoming storm more near the town of Havana. We were sitting on County Road 32 in North Dakota.

The sun broke out in front of the storm producing a much different look to the shelf as it neared us.

You can see the precip off to the back.

Nick filming the storm as it approached.

Looking east at the shelf cloud - dealing with the sun breaking out of the clouds by us producing the different colors of the shelf.

We headed south after this dropping the storm until it caught up to us near Sisseton, South Dakota.

Here we encountered only penny size hail and around 60 MPH winds. It was crossing the border; and on radar it was in a big line stretching from Northern MN to Southern MN.

We arrived in Ortonville, MN in no rain and sunshine. We decided to check out the Big Stone National Refuge before heading home.

We were treated to 4 river otters swimming in the river. Pretty rare to see them out in the wild!

What a great little chase today! Not bad for a September storm. Who knows.. we may have another shot in October!

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