Thursday, August 13, 2015

August 8, 2015: North Central Minnesota Storms

With the big severe risk down in Nebraska all depending on if the morning MCS and cloud cover could recover; we decided to stay local.

Storms were beginning to build and fire off to our North; so Nick and I went towards the trees of MN and chased the storms that fired between Garrison and Grand Rapids.

We sat just south of Hill City in an somewhat open field area to watch the approaching storm.

Once the hail starting coming our way, we dove south just a bit to the road that goes to Lake Waukenabo. We stayed there until the hail got close, we then drove a bit south and let the hail core pass off to our north.

We drove north to test the winds; and we saw at least dime sized hail along side of the road. We retreated back to the south and to the east a bit to take another look of the storm.

We then proceeded south to head home.

We stopped by a sunflower field (which is rare this far north!) to take a few photos.

We were treated to a nice sunset on the storm that was just north of the metro as we drove home. what a treat!

A fun little chase up in the Northwoods.

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