Wednesday, May 2, 2012

5-1-2012: Central MN Chase

Nick and I passing time as storms begin to initiate in Pope County, MN near Sedan, MN.

 Tornado warned cell approaching us from the west near Sedan, MN.

Storm getting better organized. Wall cloud beginning to wrap up.

Local volunteer fire spotters watching the storm just to our North.

Wild dust being lifted up underneath the Meso.

More dust crossing the road near Sedan, MN with low visibility.

Tornado which briefly touched down near Sedan - along Pope County 29. This farmer seemed almost oblivious to the storm.

Small tornado on the ground with visible debris swirl at base.

Violent little circulation less than 200 yards from the car. This was a nice little gustnado under the meso just as the tornado was occurring to our northeast. This is NOT a tornado, but may also have been reported as one by locals.

Dust under the meso. A very common theme this day.

Storm now all outflow east of Brooten, MN.

Our good friend from the Fargo, ND - Storm Chaser Eric Whitehill. He also got a tornado this day which was featured on Valley News Live in Fargo.

Below is a map of our chase route that day. It was a fun chase!

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