Saturday, May 26, 2012

5-24-2012 Wisconsin Chase

Nick and I decided to head East on this day for what turned out to be a fairly exciting Chase with some Hail as well as damaging straight line winds across Dunn & Eau Claire counties.

Leading Edge of Severe Warned storm rocketing northeast at 65MPH In East central Dunn county Wisconsin. Not to bad of terrain for Tree Land but you got to know these rare areas as well as the road networks within them.

 Leading Edge Shelf Cloud just West of Eau Claire Wisconsin.

 Nick shooting the incoming Shelf Cloud with the VX2100 as we get ready to MOVE!

 Rain & Hail core 1/4 mile to our Southeast. We sampled the hail in this and Dime sized stones and measured 53MPH wind was the best it had at this point.

 Tree down onto house and live power lines down in North Eau Claire WI.

Trees snapped off into power lines with power out over a large area of town.

Significant tree and structure damage near Eau Claire WI.

3 Foot diameter Tree onto and into a Mobile Home with significant damage as well as a fence and large wood shed destroyed.

This was a common theme in a 2 mile wide enhanced straight line wind damage corridor that tracked SW - NE across the central and northern portion of the city of Eau Claire WI. In addition we also saw a garden center greenhouse destroyed and small RV tipped on its side as well as concentrated roof damage in Eau Claire.

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