Thursday, July 2, 2015

5-16-2015 Eastern South Dakota Chase

We started our weekend out way west on Friday in South Dakota. With the storms firing way to our south and in Colorado; we licked our wounds and prepped for Saturday's chase in Eastern South Dakota.

We stayed the night in Pierre, SD in position for Saturday's storms.

Saturday proved to be hard as well with the models telling us to move east - and continue to move east. Our targets changed on the fly. We made the best of what the Prairie Coteau of Northeast South Dakota offered to us.

We missed out on the tornadoes back in western Minnesota - but are thankful no big damage occurred and was happy for our fellow chasers who experience these storms.

We instead were treated to some low topped supercell structures and at times - the storms trying to produce but just couldn't along the warm front draped across South Dakota.

Below are some of the pictures from the day.

South Dakota storm trying. Small wall cloud in picture.

Clark County South Dakota Storm

Clark County South Dakota storm

Cumulus clouds forming again in South Dakota.

Storm moving off to the North.

Looking East towards Minnesota, near the border.

Chippewa County Minnesota, tornado warned at this time.

Tornado Warned storm, looking to the south. Chippewa County Minnesota.

Looking to the west as the storm approaches in Chippewa county Minnesota.

The storm went linear and formed a shelf cloud. Chippewa County, Minnesota.

Better look at the shelf cloud. Chippewa County, Minnesota.

A Rainbow to end the chase day - along Highway 40 in Chippewa County.

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