Saturday, July 4, 2015

6-19-2015: South Dakota Magic

We started out our chase vacation by doing it right! - A little bit of South Dakota Magic!

We were watching models and radar all morning; until mid day we start to see warning pop up in Central Minnesota for hail and wind. We saw the cells were moving to the SE near Watertown; so we hurried up and left the farm and headed West.

We went west of Brookings and stopped just south of Hwy 81 and watched the cell come closer. It produced some neat colors in the sky.

The cell approaching from the West.

Looking off to the west.

Awesome colors were produced before the shelf cloud came closer. Here Nick is filming the shelf cloud approaching.

The leading edge approaching from the Northwest.

As the shelf started to approach close; and the lightning got closer we saw also that the big hail was getting closer. So we booked it to the South to Madison, SD. We looked for a place to ride out the hail to make sure we could escape once the storm approached town.

We got video and pics of the approaching shelf cloud coming into town.

This spectacular beauty shown below was on the west end of Madison, South Dakota.

This storm produced wind damages in town (tree branches down) and gold ball sized hail.

These storms developed on the nose of a WAA and also on the edge of the termal gradient in Eastern South Dakota that day.

The approaching shelf coming into town.

Nick and I about to be taken over by the mother like ship in Lake county near Madison, South Dakota. This beast was dramatic with the intense colors as it morphed in shape while maintaining its intensity across Kingsbury and Lake Counties.

The shelf cloud approaching closer

Here is a link to Nick's video that we shot that day: 

Later that night the main deracho started coming across North Dakota - with winds at 80 MPH at Bismark around 9pm that night. It never stayed storng when i t came across Minnesota later that night. Here is a shot of the velocity scan from Bismark at 9pm.

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